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Facebook Sign In / Up

It’s now easier than ever to get onto Acadiate. New Acadiate users can sign up instantly using their Facebook accounts. This is the first part of a slew of upgrades we’ll be launching over the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

A new direction and focus for Acadiate

When we started Acadiate we saw the issues students and new grads were facing when they graduated and we created solutions that would help them sell themselves in new and exciting ways. Over the last year we have learned so much in speaking with students, government, employers, schools, and organizations.

Here are are the three major things we’ve learned:

1. The employment issues we believed were isolated to students actually spread across the entire youth demographic. These issues are world wide and current trends do not paint an optimistic picture for the future.

2. There is no easy fix for these employability problems. Employability does not come by filling out forms or creating a generic profile. Increasing youth employability is hard work that takes commitment and continuous improvements from a number of different players (employers, educational institutes, organizations, and youth) across a comprehensive range of areas.

3. Our youth need better information on the employability of different educational and workplace choices. Just like any other responsible investment, youth should have access to realtime, unbiased, program specific, employability facts. Current information is not even close to being good enough.

The current youth employment market is incredibly inefficient. There are massive problems that Acadiate wants to play a role in solving. Moving forward, we will be shifting our focus from only student employment to student and youth employment.

With this new shift, we will be more active in collaborating with government, youth, educational institutes, and organizations to improve the employment of todays youth.

If you have any questions about the changes at Acadiate please let us know at or on twitter @acadiate.