CCT210 Assignment Walkthrough

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Account creation

Please create your Acadiate account at:

If you created an Acadiate account through the Acadiate home page
Follow these directions instead

Written Instructions

We’ve also got a video walk through below if you’d prefer video.

Step 1: Make sure you are connected to the school’s network on Acadiate.
a) If you see your school logo to the right of your name in the top navigation you can move on to Step 2.

b) If you do not see this. You need to connect to the school network. Follow these instructions.

Step 2: Add your Resume
a) Click on Showcases from the top Navigation, then click on Resumes under Asset Library in the left navigation.
b) Click on Upload a new resume
c) Give it any name and choose the PDF of your resume and click Save.

Step 3: Add your supporting documents
a) Click on Supporting docs
b) Click on Add a supporting document
c) Give it any name, choose the PDF or image you’d like to add and click Save
d) Repeat as needed

Step 4: Create your Showcase
a) Click on Showcases
b) Click on Create a Showcase
c) Give your Showcase a name
d) Go through Appearance, Who is it For, Targeted Message and add details as you’d like.
e) On Contents click on Add or Change your resume will be already selected, but you will have to select (check mark) your two supporting documents. Click Done in the top left corner.
f) Click on Save Showcase

Step 5: Review your Showcase
a) Your TA will see exactly what you see when you click on View on the Showcase you’ve just created. If you are not happy, edit the Showcase to make the modifications you’d like.

Step 6: Share the Showcase with your TA’s ClusterID
a) On your Showcase click on Share then Share with a Cluster
b) Enter your TA’s ClusterID and click Find
c) You’ll see the Cluster appear. Make sure it has your TA’s name, click Share Now.
d) You’ll get a confirmation message confirming you’ve submitted your Showcase.

Step 7 (optional): Help us get to know you better
It’ll take a minute. We use this information to work with program leadership improve the way Acadiate is used and deployed within ICCIT.

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Video walkthrough

1. How to create your Showcase and share it with your TA.

Extra Videos:

1. How to read a job description


2. How to target your resume


How to Connect to the School Network from an Existing Account

1. Login to your account from
2. Click on your name in the top right-hand navigation and choose settings
3. From the left navigation choose Manage school(s)
4. The Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology’s Network ID is: 545111
5. Complete the form
6. You’ll receive a validation email, after you’ve clicked that you should be good to go.