CCT410 Assignment Tips

Recommended Software to record video on Desktop

Windows 10 – Windows Camera

Mac OS – QuickTime Player


Tips for Creating Your Video

Camera angle
The camera angle is a very important consideration when shooting your video introduction. Shoot your videos at eye level. Eye level video conveys a more genuine and approachable feel to your videos. High-angle shots (where the camera is angled downwards towards you) make you look smaller and weaker. Low-angle shots (where the camera is angled upwards towards you) make you look more intimidating and potentially condescending.

Recruiters notice everything, they are sticklers for detail. Everything that shows up in your background they will see as part of your production. If you have your laundry basket in the background, they will notice, and they will wonder why you had it there. Be meticulous with your background because it is being assessed.

The sound is the most important element in your video introduction, recruiters have told us they can handle low-quality video, but they cannot handle low-quality sound. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy an expensive microphone. The microphone on most smartphones and computers are good enough. What it means is that you need to know what background noises are present and that you record your video in a place where your voice is front and center.

Don’t read a script
Many students feel more comfortable reading a script, however, it usually comes across as unauthentic. Think about why you wouldn’t introduce yourself to anyone in real life using a script. So you shouldn’t do it in a video introduction. The video is an opportunity to create a personal connection with a recruiter. The best video introductions we’ve seen are when students are introducing themselves as though the recruiter is in the room with them.


Creating your Acadiate Account

You can create your account at:

If you have already created an account through the front page of, please follow the instructions here to join your school’s network.


Video Upload Walk-through (Vimeo):

We recommend that you use Vimeo, but if you are comfortable with YouTube, you can use that as well. The walk-through will be for Vimeo.

Vimeo Account Creation:


Uploading your video to Vimeo:

Please Note: The video conversion process can take 5-30 minutes. While the video is converting you can still move on to the next step to get the embed code you need to put in your Acadiate account.


Getting the video embed code:


How to Add your video to your Acadiate Account


How to Include Video in a Showcase Digital Portfolio


How to Share your Showcase with your professor using the Share code.

Please note: what you see in your Showcase when you click “view” is exactly what your Professor will see. Review your Showcase and ensure all your items are visible.



If you run into the following error it means your account is not connected to the ICCIT on Acadiate.







1. Click on your name in the top right-hand navigation and choose settings
2. From the left navigation choose Manage network(s)
3. The Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology’s Network ID is: 545111
4. Complete the form and validate email.
5. Share Showcase with Share Code again.


If you are running into any other issue please email us at [email protected]