Every school is looking for opportunities to showcase their student work and learning outcomes to their wider community of interest groups. We have supported hundreds of online research poster sessions delivering incredible value in keeping students engaged and providing online spaces for them to showcase their work.

As many schools have been forced to conduct their Poster Session online, they have observed benefits that they were not aware of before:

  • Superior pedagogy of learning as students are requested to add an extra step of articulating their research in a short video overview, say 3 minutes. So, the same as students are asked to succinctly summarize and express their research within a narrow space of a printed poster, they are asked to do the same verbally in 3 minutes. So, they have 3 stages of reflection (1) Creation of the Poster, (2) Creation of the Video recording, (3) Live defence of their research in an open forum.
  • Greater accessibility to their research from groups who had limited access, such as industry participants or parents. Parents are an interesting constituent because they may have the greatest interest in the student both emotionally and financially. They are often looking for opportunities to observe or gain insight into their son or daughters educational progress beyond simple grades. We hear numerous stories in the live poster events of family attending virtual events because it provides opportunity to access campus life and their child’s learning spaces to get unfiltered feedback on their student’s progress.
  • Student recruitment is an emerging benefit schools and programs are using their past online student research events to showcase student research achievement in a simple to navigate space to future students.

Several client schools have linked their past student poster research sessions to recruitment pages to help prospective students to get greater insight into campus culture and the academic vibrancy of their students as expressed through their passion in research. The Acadiate Showcase was designed so students can truly take their research to the next level and be organized for easy navigation in a single gallery or multiple galleries. We have school’s returning to us because the student researcher experience, but also the attendee experience are overwhelmingly positive.

These galleries of student poster research become a permanent repository of student work that can be a powerful medium for schools to show future students what they can aspire to and therefore become a major recruiting tool.

In this short 5-minute video I will take you through a few examples of how schools are leveraging their student research to communicate student achievements.

Find out more about Acadiate for building student research poster communities HERE