New Features: Social Links and Video Embeds

We have some great new features for Acadiate Showcases.

Social Networks

Students can now add links to their Acadiate Showcase. Social links are a great way to give prospective employers fast and easy access to see what you’re up to on your social networks.  To mark the addition of Social Links to Acadiate Showcases we have renamed the “Files” area of Acadiate to “Assets”. To add your social networks log in to your account, head over to Assets, Social links, and add your favorite social networks. You can attach them to your Showcases the same way you attach your other files and documents.

We have also added Vimeo and Youtube video embedding. This has been a popular request from students who have already built a strong collection of videos and want an easy way to link it to their Showcase. To use this great new feature, log in, go to Assets, the Video to add or embed your Vimeo &  Youtube videos.

We are hard at work on updating our iOS app and new features and functions for our users, you can expect these updates over the next couple of months.

Till next time.