Norwich Assignment Tips & Help

How to upload assignment, create Showcase, and submit



1. My professor sees “no contents attached” on my Showcase

  1. Under “Showcases” from the top menu Choose “Showcase Groups” from the left menu
  2. Find the Showcase you shared with your professor and click “Update Showcase”
  3. Head over the the tab called “Contents”
  4. Click on “Choose Contents”
  5. Ensure your assignment is selected
  6. Click “Done”.
  7. Click “Save Showcase”
  8. View your Showcase to confirm your assignment is visible and that’s it. Your professor will see what you see.

Video Walk-through

2. How do I share my assignment with my professor


  1. Click “Share” on the Showcase.
  2. Click “Have a Showcase Share Code?”  (Previously “Share with a Cluster”)
  3. Enter the Showcase Share Code (Previously ClusterID) provided and click find
  4. You’ll see your class information come up – click on “Share Now”
  5. You’ll get a confirmation that the Showcase has been shared

Please note: what you see in your Showcase when you click “view” is exactly what your Professor will see. Review your Showcase and ensure all your items are visible.

Video Walk-through:

All other issues or questions:

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