How to Post Your First Mentorship

Posting your first mentorship is easy and only takes about a minute!


Video Walkthrough:



Written Instructions:

1. Please log in to your Acadiate account
2. Click on the newly available “Mentorships” option in the main navigation
3. Click on “Post or Manage Mentorships”
4. Click on “+ Post Mentorship”
5. Select the Checkbox next to the name of the mentorship program you’d like to post to, this may auto fill several fields (allowed methods of communication, number of mentees, mentorship type, and the deadline for mentees to request access)
6. Complete the amount of time you are willing to make available for the mentorship (typically it is 1 hour per week)
7. Complete the rest of the form and save to post your mentorship.
8. That’s it, your mentorship is now posted. You’ll receive anĀ email after an individual applies to your mentorship to prompt you to log in to review.