Three keys to success: teamwork, flexibility and creativity


In the military reserve and as an intelligence officer and private sector businessman, I’ve learned that sound leadership – one that embraces teamwork, creativity and flexibility – can get you far, whether you’re protecting local businesses from malware or fighting front-line national security threats.

Over the past 25 years in civilian government service, military reserve service, and periodic overseas service, and now with Darktrace, I’ve seen extraordinary changes in the threat landscape, encompassing the Cold War, organized crime, terrorism, espionage, extremism, and state-sponsored terrorism – threats that transitioned from analog to digital.

Today, I’m focusing on helping businesses identify and mitigate the most sophisticated cyber-threats. And believe me, they’re out there.

Whether protecting nations or businesses from the bad guys, three principles have always rung true for me. If you want to be a successful leader in high-stress environments, you have to have teamwork, encourage flexibility, and inspire creativity.

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