(Tutorial) Requesting Access to School Mentorship

Video Tutorial (3 minutes 52 seconds)

Written Instructions

Step 1:

Go to Acadiate to Log In

Step 2:

Create a Showcase that includes at least your resume. (see tutorial video above if you don’t know how to create a Showcase)

Step 3:

Go to the top right navigation and click on your name > User Profile.

Step 4:

a) Complete the first 4 tabs in the User Profile to the best of your ability. For the 3rd tab (Education), enter your most recent/current educational program.

Step 5:

a) Go to 5. Join the School Mentorship Program

b) Select your School and the role you’d like to have.

c) Review the Code of Conduct in its entirety.

c) Select the Showcase you created earlier.

e) Agree if you do, and then request access to the mentorship program.