A 1-hour webcast interview with Craig Chipps, Recruitment Manager for Wilfrid Laurier University, located in Waterloo, Ontario with a school population exceeding 17,000 students.

Wilfrid Laurier University is known as having the highest proportion of students and alumni with volunteer experience compared to other universities worldwide, according to LinkedIn.

This interview will be of interest to any registrar or higher-education recruiting professional who want to better understand how to design, create and manage a virtual open house for recruiting domestic or foreign students.

Some subjects discussed during this webcast:

  • Considerations of why to go virtual or online
  • Understand the interactions between marketing and recruitment departments
  • Understand the difference between webinars focused on information dissemination and virtual events focused on developing relationships with potential students
  • Managing the virtual event to make students comfortable and engaged in an open live forum
  • Hear his experience from running multiple large-scale live open houses with some events hosting over 70 different academic units with 1,000’s of students to others more targeted to smaller groups of prospective students
  • Get his insight into data-driven decisions on timing and structuring open house events
  • Get insight into the design of the event and how to structure the event for optimal traffic flows and utility for participants
  • Hear his lessons learned and how WLU adapted and evolved in their event open house structure
  • Understand the role and impact of mobile access
  • Get insight into staffing requirements for building and maintaining virtual open houses
  • What is the role of internal IT resources and how much you may need to lean on them for virtual events?
  • Get insight and understand the benefits of running single-event open houses versus ongoing and continuously running open houses
  • What is the future of virtual open houses and will they play a role once we go back to pre-pandemic conditions?

View the webcast now:

Learn more about Online Academic Events at: https://www.acadiate.com/e.php/virtualevents