Huge update to Acadiate!

We’re happy to announce our largest update to date!


Here’s what’s new:

1. Funnel


Funnel will help keep you organized and give you a more strategic outlook on your job opportunities. With Funnel you can easily track job opportunities, assign priorities to each job so that you can work on the jobs that matter most to you. It’s called Funnel because it helps you track your way through the job funnel, the progression of steps you have to move through to secure employment. We’ll be publishing a deeper post on Funnel shortly, stay tuned.

2. Job board


At long last, you can finally use Acadiate to look for jobs! Right now we are bringing jobs from Indeed, a website that indexes job opportunities from across the web, we’ll continue to add more sources for your convenience. As more employers discover Acadiate, you’ll be able to use your Showcase applications right on Acadiate in one of the best application processes on the web.

3. Improved & Cleaner Showcase


We’ve made a number of improvements to the Showcase including a more reliable layout, an updated document player, along with full height and width videos.

4. Overhauled user interface


The interface and layout is now both easier on the eyes and more understandable, with more white space, cleaner lines, and greater text legibility.

5. Other Improvements


We’ve updated the document player for more reliable document viewing on PC and mobile devices. We also added Dropbox integration so you can add files from your Dropbox accounts.

This update also squashes dozens of bugs and makes numerous tweaks for a better user experience.

If you’re already an Acadiate user, your account will automatically have access to all these great new features, if you aren’t now is a great time to sign up to use Acadiate to improve your employability.

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