Legacy Mapping for Nursing (Webinar)

This recorded webinar examines Legacy Mapping as a self-use career guidance tool for nurses and how it works with digital portfolios and the concept of the Life-Long Learning Record.

Nursing is a complex and stressful career with high attrition rates with over 30% of new grads changing jobs or leaving the profession within 2 years of graduation. Legacy Mapping is considered critical to retaining mid-career nurses in the nursing profession.

Legacy Mapping was developed by the Nursing profession to better connect career development and workplace goals, but have struggled with taking it from concept to implementation. Legacy Mapping is designed to provide both career direction and career meaning/fulfillment to ensure nurses develop the necessary inner strength to stay, grow and eventually lead.

This 30 minute talk explains why it is needed, its logic, the exercises to implement, and it how it helps nurses manage a life-long learning record and career legacy.