We are constantly consulting with recruiters to better understand how they want to see job candidates and how we can add value to their recruiting process. One observation by recruiters is the increasing exaggeration of skills or skills inflation. This is not necessarily an issue of candidates lying about their experience, but about candidates trying to stretch-out their skill sets to better match the needs of employers.

Skills Authentication

The challenge for candidates with the prerequisite skills, is this might be lost to the recruiter when conveyed in your traditional resume / cover letter combination because the recruiters are more sceptical of resumes. Acadiate’s showcase format addresses this need by allowing candidates to better demonstrate skills or “Show Me” by working example or video or reference etc that helps recruiters to better authenticate skills up front.

One recruiter told us that they filtered through candidates for a job and spent two weeks coordinating an interview, only to find out in the first 5 minutes of an interview the skills and knowledge was not present as they had initially interpreted.

Get Ranked Higher

Recruiters have advised that job applications with upfront authentication of skills/knowledge are more likely to ranked higher in screening than those with out such supporting evidence. Acadiate’s showcase format is designed to allow recruiters to access such supporting material quickly and easily. Even more so to be presented in a manner that better markets and brands candidates as motivated individuals.