Why you should seek a mentee

Most of what we hear about mentorship focuses on the importance of having a mentor. I want to share a different perspective, one that I have benefited from over the years and has even lead to my newest business venture – why seasoned entrepreneurs should actively seek a mentee.

Whether we are just entering the workforce or are looking to broaden our knowledge in our current position, we turn to mentors to learn from their successes and mistakes; ask questions; and use their insights to help carve our own path. As we grow in our careers, we often come across young leaders who express a desire to learn from our experiences. Of course it is rewarding to share our knowledge and help others grow – but the benefits of having a mentee don’t stop there.

My mentor once explained to me that he met with young leaders for two reasons: to get inspired and to learn new things. He was someone who enjoyed hearing perspectives from different points of view and believed young minds could see things in an innovative way and taught me how to apply these differing perspectives to my own pursuits.

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