Acadiate is proud to support the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Global Education Coalition.

The Global Education Coalition launched by UNESCO is a platform for collaboration and exchange to protect the right to education for more than 1.5 billion students and youth globally. It brings together more than 175 members from the UN family, civil society, academia, and the private sector to ensure #LearningNeverStops.  Other private sector members alongside Acadiate include Microsoft, Google, IBM, Vodafone, Verizon, Zoom, KPMG, Tencent, Siemens, Coursera, Acer, Salesforce, Moodle, McGraw Hill and more.

All Coalition members are asked to adhere to 4 key principals to protect learners:
(1) Appropriate use of data; not using learner or educational data for advertising or profiling
(2) Access and control; ensure all learners have access and control over their personal information
(3) Security and protection; using industry best practices to protect learner data
(4) Lifespan of services; transparency on the services offered especially free or discounted offers.

Acadiate is cooperating within the coalition across a wide spectrum of assistance, but particularly around one of the flagship missions of connectivity of education and closing the digital divides.  Acadiate has been assisting higher education institutions for over 10 years to strengthen their learning systems and help their students better market their education in the digital world.


Acadiate has undergone rapid growth over the last 2 years after enhancing the platform to host community-driven online events that have been attended by over 3 million students and thousands of employers. These events are visually stunning, each unique and highly engaging for students unlike any other online event experience. Schools love the platform because the events are easily and quickly created – they can be organized by non-technical people. The events can stand by themselves or are interconnected to create wider communities that can be permanent. They are also designed to have the best of web 3.0 integrated into the event like Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Live Streaming, Jotform or Kahoot; if it is embeddable, it can be easily integrated.

Acadiate offers free basic student accounts that enable anyone to market their skills and talents one-on-one with employers. This includes both educational resources on effective talent marketing and industry-leading tools for talent marketing. We also enable students to market themselves in a school directory for employers to browse and search for candidates. As part of our Covid-19 response, we realized that connectivity within online community events was essential to keep students networking, collaborating, and learning outside the classroom and to counteract the impairment of their social-emotional learning.

Acadiate is also designed for effective online and mobile connectivity of students, faculty, teachers and employers one-to-one or in large communities. They can be research poster events, career fairs, faculty training symposiums, learning material repositories, mentorship zones, club hubs, orientation weeks, open houses etc.

We help schools build their online campus one event at a time.


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