The expectation gap: Students’ and universities’ roles in preparing for life after grad

When Clair Parker graduated from high school, her parents urged her to go to college and learn a trade. However, being a strong student and ambitious, college seemed like selling herself short. “Going to university was the automatic thing to… Continue Reading →

Will skills and title matter as much in the future of work?

“At 24, I haven’t had many years in the work force, but like many of my peer and associates, I often hear about the dissatisfaction of work … Rethink Work isn’t so much about my experience at work but the… Continue Reading →

What if, degree in hand, you suddenly realize you should have studied something else?

After putting in the time, money and energy to complete a degree, it can be extremely discouraging to realize you no longer want to work in that industry. If you spent the better part of four years in a classroom… Continue Reading →

Don’t be so hard on yourself! UBC study on first-year student stress

Stressed out university students, take note: self-compassion may be the key to making it through your first year, according to new research from the University of British Columbia. Researchers from the faculty of education’s school of kinesiology found students who… Continue Reading →

Why you didn’t get the job

This may be the toughest question of them all. You went to the interview (or likely a series of interviews), they all seemed to go well, the people you met gave every indication of liking you, there were no indications… Continue Reading →

Companies aim to sell students on sales

Ideally, e-commerce company Shopify Inc. would like to hire hundreds of new graduates as sales people over the next five years to support and expand its rapidly growing client base. “The challenge is … kids in college and university aren’t… Continue Reading →

I hate bugging people for references. Can I skip them?

THE QUESTION I am an intermediate-level communications professional with a solid track record who is considering a move to a new organization. However, I absolutely hate asking people to provide references. It is intrusive to the person being asked for… Continue Reading →

Study: Switching Majors Increases Graduation Rates

Contrary to popular belief, switching college majors can actually increase a student’s likelihood of graduating, according to a new study from the EAB. Conventional wisdom has suggested that students who switch majors are less likely to graduate or graduate on… Continue Reading →

Two-thirds of your employees are ready to move on

You may not want to hear this, but the majority of your employees are considering leaving. Right now. Sure, you might think your faithful colleagues, who cheerfully respond to your e-mails late at night and still bring in fresh-baked cookies… Continue Reading →

Top Employers for Young People tap into the next generation

Up with millennials! The most popular of the special interest competitions, Canada’s Top Employers for Young People sends out a message of confidence in today’s students and recent grads just starting their careers. The 95 winning companies for 2016 not… Continue Reading →

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