This webinar is designed for school administrators, academics, and associations to better understand the issues of with using Discord for online student communities. Discord offers very powerful group chat functionality and is used by almost every Gen Z student on your campus.  On the other hand, it is a platform designed to enable users to easily create group chat conversations that if poorly managed or moderated can support activities counter to acceptable campus standards. It also has loose privacy and data standards that would not meet the typical PSIA standards of most campuses.

The reality is the platform offers an immense number of controls to manage group chats and communities in a responsible and compliant manner within accepted academic standards. So under the right situations and protocols it is a very effective platform for student communication especially in conjunction with student online events. So organizers of student events need to better understand and judge whether Discord is a viable option for their event, balancing effective communication against acceptable online protocol standards.

This webinar will walk through both sides of the discussion and help better position the use of Discord for greater student connectivity and communication.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Significance of Discord for Academia and why any school should consider a role for Discord.
  • Overview of Discord’s structure including Servers, Categories and Channels
  • Issues schools are trying to address to improve student campus experiences and the potential role for Discord
  • Discord Pros for use within online campus events and activities
  • Discord Cons for school communities
  • Trade-offs particularly between Centralized and Decentralized control
  • Virtual event applications
  • Types of Online Events where Discord / Group Chat may enhance experiences
  • A short demo of student experience accessing Discord from within an Acadiate online event and the ability to elevate the conversation from chat to voice to video meeting.