No reference? No problem – if you know what to do


To the frustration of job seekers and hiring managers alike, an increasing number of employers are instituting a blanket “no reference” policy.

The trend, which began in the United States, has gradually trickled north of the border and typically covers both verbal and written references.

Though it has long been tradition for well-regarded employees to ask for and receive a positive reference to help ease their transition to the next position, some employers are declining to provide anything more than a bare-bones “confirmation of employment,” outlining person’s job title and length employment.

For job seekers, especially long-serving employees and those let go without cause who expected to receive a positive review of their tenure, it can be one more hurdle to overcome in their job search. For hiring managers, the policy can make it more difficult to determine whether the contenders for a job are really a good fit.

Why the change in policy? Quite simply, a fear of lawsuits.

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