How to Win the Best Jobs – Online Workshop Series for Graduating Students


April 9th , 16th, & 23rd 2020 at 2-2:30PM (Eastern Time)


Why graduating students should participate

  • Participants on average see a 3X improvement in the way employers see them
  • Each online workshop is only 30 minutes long
  • The series is designed specifically to give students an edge prior to graduation
  • See real world examples and hands on use of tools


Workshop Overview

  • Webinar 1: How Employers Assess Candidates
  • Webinar 2: How to Manage Your Job Search
  • Webinar 3: What It Takes to Win the Best Jobs


Who will be leading the webinar?

Acadiate co-founders Zane Westmoreland & David Murdoch will be leading the series. Acadiate is a leader in online talent marketing. They have spent over 10 years researching what makes new grads compelling to employers. Acadiate’s insight and approach helps the typical graduating student achieve a 3X improvement in their ability to market themselves according to surveyed recruiters.


Free for students that belong to a school network on Acadiate.

If you don’t have an account, please reach out to a school administrator for access details.


Workshop registration is required: