This is a great article published by The Guardian addressing what all higher education schools and faculty are recognizing for this fall. How to enable student’s to continue to mix, interact and socialize online to keep the college community thriving in these times of social distancing:

Student clubs and societies provide support networks and opportunities for students to develop professional skills and development. Without these opportunities students will be professionally stunted. But just as importantly, their access to wellness programs will be limited. Schools need to address access with greater digital access, that their internal LMS cannot address.

We are working with our client Universities to introduce online elements to their student communities to improve student socialization and stay connected.

At Norwich University it is a student directory that is enabled to “enable students to learn about and connect with other students”.

At other’s like the University of Toronto, it is a student club fair, that enables student’s to browse what the different clubs offer, but to also browse and connect with fellow student’s and socialize on their schedule.

One Program at the University of Toronto is implementing a peer mentorship program to enable greater student access to fellow student’s in a more unstructured process using Acadiate as a means to browse official student mentors and engage them online when they advertise their hours.

Find out more how Acadiate’s Virtual Student Club solutions work in this short webinar: