Acadiate Recommended by the Council of Ontario Universities

The Council of Ontario Universities recommends that students use Acadiate, posted in their article, “Your 9-step guide to finding a summer job”. The article provides practical advice on how to find and secure a 2014 summer job. See the Article

Acadiate is a student employability platform designed for the unique needs of student’s looking and applying for summer jobs or their first job after graduation.
Its integrated job board lists thousands of student and graduate student jobs and allows for targeted search and filtering. Acadiate also provides schools with a way to seamlessly integrate their job board with Acadiate’s, check to see if your school offers its own private job boards within Acadiate.

Acadiate is designed to help school placement officers and participating schools to better deliver employability training, education and advice through the platform. Participating schools can drive their student’s to job postings faster than traditional “post and apply” methods that gets their student’s in front of employers weeks before other schools.

Most importantly, Acadiate has the industry’s best job application tools, including its Showcase tool that can package a student resume with other media assets to provide a professional in-depth view of their skills and knowledge. Acadiate’s Showcase becomes even more effective by allowing students to customize their job applications to the unique needs of each employer. It then allows students to track their progress with each job and provides feedback on best practices at each step. This unique functionality has lead Acadiate’s users to call it the for student jobs, helping students stay organized in a way that allows them to make progressive improvements to their employability.

Feedback from graduating students shows it is difficult to truly know how well they are performing in the middle of their hunt for a new job. How active they need to be, how much company research they need to do, how to network and leverage contacts and school resources to get an edge and close in on that first job. Acadiate can provide key feedback that drives student’s into a more disciplined pace that gets results.