The Client

NanoCanada has an exceptional national and international reputation and network that it uses to showcase and launch Canadian innovators in advanced materials and nanotechnology. NanoCanada delivers significant economic impact thanks to its strong leadership and experience, identifying gaps in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, and developing programs to support its community.

The Event Overview

Quantum science and technology is rapidly accelerating globally and is strategically important to Canada. Canada has a strong, growing coast-to-coast quantum community spanning from academia to government laboratories and industry. The Event is structured into sessions which include talks by prominent speakers, panel discussions, and a Poster session enabling Canadians to network & showcase excellence in their fields. This three-day event aims was to bring together Canada’s quantum community to enable awareness and collaboration across the country and globally.

Working with Acadiate was an easy process, they walked us through their onboarding process and were able to provide a step-by-step video tutorial for our students. We would not hesitate in using Acadiate again for any of our events”, said Patricia Tokunaga, Director of Operations for Nano Canada.

Poster Event Implementation

The event included a virtual Poster session for participants to share, promote and talk to other researchers about their work. There were 60 Posters presented in the online venue.

Quantum Days’ virtual poster session was designed to showcase excellence in quantum science and technology. Participants could view the latest quantum research and learn about the latest breakthroughs in this emerging field. The Poster showcase session also provided researchers with an inclusive opportunity to build connections with established experts, discuss their research, and be connected to important programs and funding opportunities pertaining to quantum science and technology.

Poster session presenters hosted live meetings between 12:45 pm and 2:15 pm EST on all three days. Prizes were awarded on the third day of the program right before the poster session’s live period finished.

User Experience

Patricia Tokunaga, Director of Operations

Some of our students said it best ….

  • “The live poster session was an interesting way to do it and I thought it was better than having shorter pre-recorded talks as has been done at other conferences.”
  • “Poster session looked great, format was nice. Discussion opportunity was easy to set up.”
  • “The poster session and networking platform worked well and was fun!

The platform enables for key word searches across all the Posters to enable participants to create subsets of Posters or to find particular individual Posters quicker.  It also allows for many divergent Posters to exist within the same “Room”, while also enabling participates to easily browse and to navigate the venue. Key tag names or field of study classification used were:

-Quantum Networks

-Quantum Information

-Quantum Photonics

-Quantum Engineering

-Quantum Materials

-Quantum Gravity

-Quantum Foundations

-Quantum Neuroscience


-Spin Canada


“The poster session and networking platform worked well and was fun!”


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