Two-thirds of your employees are ready to move on


You may not want to hear this, but the majority of your employees are considering leaving. Right now.

Sure, you might think your faithful colleagues, who cheerfully respond to your e-mails late at night and still bring in fresh-baked cookies on Fridays are here to stay, but evidence shows otherwise.

According to a recent survey by payroll processor ADP Canada, two-thirds of employed Canadians, or 65 per cent, are ready to walk out their office doors. ADP divides these flight risks into three categories: “the uninspired,” “the casual daters” and “the dissed.”

The uninspired remain the largest of the three groups, at 33 per cent of the work force. These employees feel little loyalty and can include anyone from “bored superstars” to “underachieving clock-punchers.”

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